Neoteric Brass Trumpet Mouthpieces

Due to the events of 2020, including Brexit amongst other things, it has become unsustainable for me to continue producing the TCE-RC trumpet mouthpiece. I do still have a number of these mouthpieces in stock and will sell them for TCE beginners and those on a budget. However, once this stock is depleted there will not be any more made. I learned a lot from the experience and I’m glad that I did it. But there is good news!

In recent months I have been reconsidering my options for offering a mouthpiece to the trumpet-playing world. I have worked closely with the expert mouthpiece designer Doug McVey from Vennture Mouthpieces. Doug has knowledge and experience of Jerome Callet’s work and with his unique software and engineering expertise we have created two new mouthpieces that are now for sale from

The two models have custom cups and backbores but also share some design ideas that I feel are very important. The rim used for both Neoteric Brass mouthpieces is based upon a vintage Calicchio mouthpiece that Jerome Callet discovered in late 2007. This rim is fairly flat, slightly cushioned and features just enough bite to assist the stability of your embouchure without the need to stretch the lips. This in turn helps to prevent the all-too-common collapse of the embouchure that leads to overblowing and excessive mouthpiece pressure. This kind of rim was more popular in the past but the benefits seem to have been forgotten with modern trends and thoughtless traditions. 

In order to assist with centered intonation and a healthy overtone content in your sound, both mouthpieces feature a size 28 throat and a tried-and-tested throat entrance gradient. Old Austrian mouthpiece makers described the shoulder and throat of a mouthpiece as its “Heart and Soul”. I believe that our design clearly communicates the heart and soul of the modern trumpet sound whilst keeping an eye on efficiency and balance.

For some years I have felt that the art of the small trumpet mouthpiece has been lost. Popular brands clearly prioritise their larger models and focus on a sound that is not truly characteristic of our long brass-playing tradition. Players love the look and feel of these mouthpieces but struggle ever more with flexibility, range, stamina and projection. Many playing issues can be overcome by choosing to downsize your equipment and research into the acoustic features of a brass instrument reveal that both as a solo instrument and as part of an ensemble a characteristic trumpet sound is better created on a smaller cup. Play with your instrument, not against it. 

I offer a free consultation with every mouthpiece purchase from and hope that together we can move your playing to the next level. 


My intention for the Legacy model was to create a mouthpiece that conformed to my ideology but also sounded appropriate for classical playing and small-group jazz. One of the hazards of preferring a medium-sized cup and smaller cup diameter is having a less interesting sound. A design can end up having neither the excitement of a shallow cup, nor the complexity of a larger one. Combining our custom cup with a fairly traditional backbore has resulted in an outstanding all-round mouthpiece that won’t force you to compromise your technique in order to sound great in all playing situations.The Legacy is so-named because to me it represents a range of vintage design features in a mouthpiece that won’t hold you back in the way that vintage equipment would.


The Artiste mouthpiece came about from experimenting with more efficient cup designs when I was looking to replace the TCE-RC. The instant that I tried this mouthpiece I knew that selling a single model was no-longer an option. The Artiste is an unashamedly shallow mouthpiece with a big sound. It is ideal for lead trumpet players, soloists and those who want to cut through a band. Although all mouthpieces from are great in the upper register the Artiste was made to live up there.This mouthpiece has a longer backbore with a straighter taper than the Legacy model. The unique cup may feel familiar to those accustomed to a drop-v style mouthpiece.


The introductory price for Neoteric Brass Mouthpieces is £175 per mouthpiece, or £325 for a set. If you are unsure which mouthpiece would be suitable for you then please get in touch using the email address at the top of the page. In most circumstances one model would be recommended based up your development goals, experience or the musical styles you play the most.

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