Second Hand or B-Stock

Below you will see a list of second-hand mouthpieces that I have owned and/or used that I no-longer need.
For the most part they are in good condition with no damage. There may be small scratches or blemishes. All mouthpieces are washed before shipping, but you should probably also wash them yourself upon receipt. If you see something that interests you then please get in touch using the email address to negotiate a price.

B-Stock mouthpieces are old stock from the TCE-RC line that I cannot sell at full price. In the past I was acid-etching the name onto each mouthpiece myself and sometimes this process did not work as well as other times. The shank is cosmetically imperfect for this reason but there are no other faults. In all likelihood you could polish the faulty etching away, leaving you with a perfect mouthpiece. All of these mouthpieces are from the second batch of TCE-RCs, which were made during the summer of 2019. There are currently three in stock, priced at £50 each.

For all mouthpieces I will charge an additional £10 for P&P to the US or mainland Europe, £5 within the UK.

BrandModelGuide Price
Schilke11AX (top only, threaded for Warburton backbores)£20
Vincent Bach17C (top only, threaded for Warburton backbores)£20
Jerome CalletV.F. 3C for Cornet£30
WarburtonSHOOP (top only)£25
Warburton8M (top only)£20
Warburton6ESV (top only)£15
Warburton6 (backbore only)£20
Warburton10 (backbore only)£20
SchilkeAA with 27 throat (backbore only)£20