Rich Colquhoun is a freelance professional trumpet player and specialist embouchure teacher from Bristol, UK. He is best known as Europe’s leading propenent of the Tongue Controlled Embouchure, a technique developed and taught by Bahb Civiletti after decades of study with Jerome Callet.

Since studying with Bahb, Rich has authored two books on the subject of the TCE – learning to unlock the lost secrets of trumpet playing – which are available from this website. You will also find a few other short guides to improving your brass playing based upon ideas Rich has used in teaching for many years.

The Tongue Controlled Embouchure technique has been gaining popularity in Europe over the last twenty years and as more players discover the advantages to using less air, correct embouchure movements, and the anchored tongue between the teeth, our community continues to grow.

Free information about the TCE system can be found at https://tonguecontrolled.info/

If you have any queries about ebooks, or the mouthpieces sold on this site then please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the email: rich@trumpetpla.net